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between a life-drama and a slice-of-life
Posted by tai on Sep 23, 2008 under Discourse

I started watching Nana under the impression that it was going to be a series that was quaint, relatable, insightful, and full of music goodies. I was expecting a slice-of-life type of show. It was. The first dozen of episodes were nice, homely, describing the woes and wonders of two teenage girls stepping out of their adolescence and into their adulthood. Their quirks and personalities were exposed to us as we watched them struggle to obtain the necessities of life and gain a foothold on the adult world. It was, but it was and not is. As I proceeded through the second dozen of episodes, the story started getting confusing: new characters flying in left and out right, old characters being irrelevant to the plot, and occasionally I had to pause and rethink what happened the previous episode to understand the basis of some actions and statements. It seemed like the show had left the slice-of-life genre and jumped onto the stage of drama. As I pass the half-way checkpoint I no longer feel motivated to continue with the show: there is too much focus on plot progression, and not enough time spent on the more micro, slice-of-life elements of a story. Looking at other blogs and review sites, Nana is described as both a drama and slice-of-life. But, looking at a show as an entirety, a show can only be one of drama or slice-of-life, never both. A slice-of-life that changes is drama, since a constantly progressing story defeats the purpose of slice-of-life.
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