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changing tastes over the years
Posted by tai on Aug 12, 2012 under Audio, Featured

Lately I’ve noticed myself adding a lot of K-pop to my library, and it made me think a bit about how my listening habits have changed over the past many years. I knew in my head that I have transitioned from Cantonese (Hong Kong) music to Mandarin (mostly Taiwan) to Japanese and recently towards Korean, but I wanted to see if my music library could point that out. Getting the data was relatively easy with my Foobar advanced searches, and then it was just a matter of putting the data into excel and later into illustrator to find the best way that would graphically show my transitions.


It’s worthy to note that my tastes have been heavily influenced by the people I spend the most time around. Middle school (up until 2003) was spend almost exclusively around Cantonese-speaking friends. In high school (2003-2006) I met my first and Mandarin-speaking girlfriend, and being around her and her friends led me to start following a bunch of mandarin-speaking artists, many of whom I still follow to this day. Towards the end of high school I started getting into anime and other delicious Japanesey things, including a very anime-influenced Japanese music collection.

hajima, hajima, mamamamamamama

Near the middle of my university studies (2010) I met my very-into-j-music girlfriend, and started transitioning out of anime (which explains the death of this blog) and into more mainstream japanese music, though that isn’t apparent in the infographic. That’s not to say that I don’t watch anime at all, but I’m just not as eager to jump into the latest seasons and discuss the happenings of each and every character like I used to do. And lately, everyone has been listening to K-pop, because K-pop is awesome.

Anyway, enjoy the graphic, and perhaps think about or leave a comment below on how the people in and around your life have affected the music you listen to every day and other simple things. If you’re into this sort of graphics, check out a full entry with documentation of prelimninary versions here, or look at my friend’s site here whose graphics have inspired mine.

On a side note, yes, this blog is more or less dead, but I don’t intend on ever shutting it down, though in the future it might be amalgamated with all my other blogs and sites on a personal archival collective, or something of the sort. And I do read and approve all your comments, much love if you do or have done so in the past.

calm, pastoral ambience
Posted by tai on Apr 3, 2009 under Audio, Commentary, Featured, Special

You have most likely heard of the popular Korean MMORPG Ragnarok Online, and many of you have probably played it at some point or another. I would like to bring attention to the sequel of that game, Ragnarok Online 2. Also produced by Gravity, Ragnarok Online 2 was to be another of their flagship games. It features the world of Ragnarok in full 3d, with new monsters, multiple playable races, but most importantly for this review, an OST composed by Yoko Kanno. She composed about 90 tracks for this game, which was first released to the public in 2006 in the Korean closed beta.

RO² Prontera 2

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