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Today is TsundereStorm’s seven-month anniversary, and to celebrate, layout version 1.0 is released. Kagami’s autumn attire will be archived until next autumn, and during the spring and summer months we will feature Kannagi in a breezy blossoming park. A few changes still need to be made, but If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or find any problems with the new layout, please leave me a message. Some images show the wrong fonts, this main fonts used by this site are Lucida Sans, Georgia and Verdana, as shown in this screenshot. And just like the previous layout, 1.0 is IE 4/5/6 incompatible. More details, including the design development of this layout, can be found on the corresponding about page.

There probably won’t be many updates for the next two weeks, but once I’m back home things should start to pick up again. I’ll be doing some periodicals on K-ON! and am considering following Saki, since I am a mahjong player myself), and I’m looking for somewhere to buy more Ghibli artbooks.

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This is just another short administrative post. There’s a few things I’d like to tell my readers before I update my Clannad After Story coverage.

First of all and most importantly, I will be volunteer teaching in China for three months, starting next week. This means I will be farther from home and thus farther from anime. I do intend on continuing my Clannad coverage but unless I find mini-Akihabara in Shandong Province I won’t have as much animanga content to write about. Instead, I will be writing on my friend’s blog called Mincius which is a blog specifically targeted towards foreigners in Yantai City. I welcome all of you to read that if you are interested in Chinese culture, English education in foreign countries, or the tight developed-undeveloped mix you see only in China.

Secondly, TsundereStorm 1.0 is well under way. It is a very unusual, strangely geometric layout, I specifically designed it to look nothing like your average WordPress blog (as if this layout isn’t far enough.) There were three main reasons I decided to create a new layout:

  1. I’ve had multiple complaints that the reading window is too small. 1.0’s reading window will use the entire height of the screen (well, 95% if you want to get really technical) and slightly more width, while still being 1024×768 friendly.
  2. The sidebar is getting really cluttered, I never wanted there to be a scrollbar for the sidebar as well. You can see how I’m re-organizing my categories, I had to do that to preview them within the new layout. I guess I’ll finalize the work on my laptop after I arrive.
  3. My content was shadowing itself too easily. This administrative post completely shadows the Spirited Away Art Book post below, I really didn’t like that because the main page should put an emphasis on the more relevant content. My Clannad post is actually ready but I have to do this first to prevent this from shadowing that post. My new layout will have a magazine-style layout which kind of resembles those you see on OH! and Yukan, but has a much more personal touch to it.

Thirdly, I might be moving to my own domain soon. There’s nothing wrong with, they’ve actually been very generous and tolerant of my laziness. Rather, I’m wanting to open up another blog (personal) and website, and on two domains isn’t that much more expensive than one. Anyway, time to do the last proofread on Clannad as it will be up shortly.

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Finally, no more ranting on other people’s blogs. I swear I was suffering from withdrawal or something. Apparently there was a security hole in our PHP somewhere and someone from Brazil hacked us and tried to use our server for illegal purposes. Luckily, the database is unharmed and so restoring TsundereStorm was as easy as copying the wordpress files back in. If anyone notices any strange errors, please let me know (I know that Unicode characters are not showing up properly). Lucky for me I have text files of each post’s raw so I should be able to restore most of them like that. I’m going to be slowing down my posting as I’m working on v1.0 layout, and trust me, it’s going to be OH!own.

some ideas I have floating around
Posted by tai on Nov 17, 2008 under Administration

This is just a little update to remind myself and inform you of future upcoming changes and content.

First off, regarding this layout, as I had predicted it is slowly becoming more and more cramped. The second scrollbar on the right nav menu is an indication that I need to re-think my layout. I will still aim to have a classic-style fixed layout with tsundere win, but unclutter it by some magical solution I have not yet thought of. I am really liking layouts where I can put “headliners” and stuff (like Yukan and OH!), since that will help prevent my individual articles from being shadowed by my regulars. (and regulars from being shadowed by my administrative posts, scroll below for some Clannad >__>

Secondly, regarding Mouryou no Hako, I did state that it would be a weekly department and I wish I could follow up on that, but no subs have been released past episode 4. I could blog up to ep. 4 but for a series like this I would prefer to have some viewing margin just so I can better address issues and help steer the reader’s opinion in the right direction.

And lastly, here is a list of some stuff that I may be doing in the future:

  • Toradora – This is being heavily blogged but I am enjoying this series much more than I thought i would be. And no, it’s not just because of Rie × tsundere.
  • True Tears – I marathoned this last week and quite enjoyed it. I am thinking of posting a review and some commentary about its level-2 elements, which brings me to:
  • My “level” classification system, a personal dichotomy I use to categorize anime (and other media)
  • Some notes about scanlation methodology.
  • I may pick up an older series and blog about it on an episode-by-episode basis. I feel like I’m not watching enough this season…

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TSUNDERESTORM founded. This blog will aim to take insight and make comparisons between social behaviours in Japanese Visual Media and real-life situations and contexts. Although there are plans to make periodical entries, these will analytical as opposed to mere summaries. For now, as I conspire about what my the topic of my first blog post will be, check out my about pages.