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Hardcover, 244 pages.

My second artbook review will be for Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. This book was a nice grab from, $25 shipping included (I added it to my friend’s order so she could get the free shipping quota). Compared to my Clannad Visual Fan Book it’s not as in-depth, but there are a lot of early development sketches, rough line art and unedited watercolour backgrounds which I was really looking forwards to, especially for a production from Mr. Hayao Miyazaki. There’s a certain beauty that is expressed through draft-quality hand-drawn watercolour paintings, I expect Ponyo on a Cliff is following through with that logic.Because this book is in English I can understand all of the captions, however there isn’t nearly as much text as the Clannad Visual Fan Book.

“Most people panic and collapse while shouting, “It can’t be true.” Those people will be erased or eaten up in the situation in which Chihiro finds herself. In fact, Chihiro’s being strong enough not to be eaten up is just what makes her a heroine. She is a heroine not because she is beautiful or because she possesses a unique mind. This is the key characteristic of this work.”

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a list of upcoming anime-diet candidates
Posted by tai on Oct 3, 2008 under Overview

Well, I don’t have the diligence to constantly churn out posts like the previous one on a regular basis, so don’t expect a constant stream of such posts. Instead, it’s much easier to create a steady schedule of consistent subjects. So, in alphabetical order, here is my anime blog-cliché autumn 2008 overview and initial comments. List obtained from the whosubswhat wiki. Anything unmentioned either did not strike my interests at all or it is something I totally missed, hopefully the former.
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