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Posted by tai on Jan 10, 2009 under Administration

This is just another short administrative post. There’s a few things I’d like to tell my readers before I update my Clannad After Story coverage.

First of all and most importantly, I will be volunteer teaching in China for three months, starting next week. This means I will be farther from home and thus farther from anime. I do intend on continuing my Clannad coverage but unless I find mini-Akihabara in Shandong Province I won’t have as much animanga content to write about. Instead, I will be writing on my friend’s blog called Mincius which is a blog specifically targeted towards foreigners in Yantai City. I welcome all of you to read that if you are interested in Chinese culture, English education in foreign countries, or the tight developed-undeveloped mix you see only in China.

Secondly, TsundereStorm 1.0 is well under way. It is a very unusual, strangely geometric layout, I specifically designed it to look nothing like your average WordPress blog (as if this layout isn’t far enough.) There were three main reasons I decided to create a new layout:

  1. I’ve had multiple complaints that the reading window is too small. 1.0’s reading window will use the entire height of the screen (well, 95% if you want to get really technical) and slightly more width, while still being 1024×768 friendly.
  2. The sidebar is getting really cluttered, I never wanted there to be a scrollbar for the sidebar as well. You can see how I’m re-organizing my categories, I had to do that to preview them within the new layout. I guess I’ll finalize the work on my laptop after I arrive.
  3. My content was shadowing itself too easily. This administrative post completely shadows the Spirited Away Art Book post below, I really didn’t like that because the main page should put an emphasis on the more relevant content. My Clannad post is actually ready but I have to do this first to prevent this from shadowing that post. My new layout will have a magazine-style layout which kind of resembles those you see on OH! and Yukan, but has a much more personal touch to it.

Thirdly, I might be moving to my own domain soon. There’s nothing wrong with bwys.org, they’ve actually been very generous and tolerant of my laziness. Rather, I’m wanting to open up another blog (personal) and website, and on godaddy.com two domains isn’t that much more expensive than one. Anyway, time to do the last proofread on Clannad as it will be up shortly.

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