Tomoya Okazaki’s Neglectful Wit
Catching up on Clannad After Story 09—12
Posted by tai on Jan 10, 2009 under Anime, Clannad, Commentary, Observations

So it’s about time for me to catch up in my Clannad blogging, so here are some quick thoughts on the past four episodes. Just as a reminder, 09 was the graduation episode, 10 was the moving out episode, 11 was the work-related episode and 12 was the failed job transfer.

I think in Episode 09 was the first time we see Okazaki cry. Despite his poor academic performance he’s quite stable emotionally, so I was really quite surprised to see him cry because he graduated. That’s really awkward if you think about it that way, ne?
But, Tomoya and Nagisa’s characters have been changing a lot since they started dating, and everywhere we see hints of Tomoya finally maturing and taking responsibility for his own life. He doesn’t want to end up like his father, after all, so this character development is only natural.

There are two types of academic delinquents. There are those that don’t have any valuable skills and thus can’t get a good foothold on the society, and there are those that do have valuable skills and start climbing up the ladder of social leadership and responsibility. I’ve always argued that Tomoya is the latter, he is not academically gifted and does not possess talent for any particular trade; rather what distinguishes him from the failures are his good social skills. I’ve had a lot of trouble pinpointing exact moments to help my argument, until now at least. Episode 11 has two instances of extreme wit that left me thinking “wow I would never be able to think of that kind of answer even if you gave me a minute, and he answered it in a snap!”

But of course the childish playful side of him is still there. (facepalm)

Episode 12 was quite a thought-lifter for me. I never imagined Tomoya’s father playing the role of an antagonist, at least not significantly. I always thought that Nagisa would drive a revolution between that his condition with Tomoya, since she’s been pressuring him since the first season to do so. One thing I don’t understand about Tomoya is how come he doesn’t try to make up with his father, they did fight but apologizing or to asking for an apology doesn’t seem like something out of Tomoya’s reach especially seeing how much he has matured by Nagisa’s side. So once again I point my finger of blame towards Tomoya for the drug abuse/career setback. From what I have seen it should have been possible for him to help his father find his place again. Check out these screenshots from episode 18 of the first series and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.

I somehow felt that the moth was some sort of omen, but after some quick research I can’t seem to find anything connecting moths with drugs. It’s really bugging me, the unknown significance of the moths…

Episode 13 is almost done downloading. It feels good to be caught back up!

  • On February 7th, 2009 at 06:53,
    Mika wrote:

    You know, that isn’t the first time Tomoya cried…. I think he cried with Nagisa in Fuu-chan’s arc aND Nagisa’s death… anymore times he cried? well, just here to tell you that he didn’t cry only once!

    But don’t worry! I loved your blog showing what kind of person is Tomoya

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