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a step-by-step photoshop image guide
Posted by tai on Jan 14, 2009 under Special

In the process of collecting 1.07GB (1270 files) of high-quality animanga scans, wallpapers, and drawings, you come across a lot of junk. I don’t save the things I don’t like, but I’ve seen enough to be able to distinguish a Bad Wallpaper from a decent one. After a quick study, I discovered some common formulae used in the creation of a Bad Wallpaper, and now I present to you a step-by-step guided tutorial on how not to make an animanga wallpaper. Afterwards I’ll treat you to a (somewhat more decent) wallpaper I made for myself. So let’s get that Photoshop open and start cranking. (or just scroll to the bottom if you just want to see/download mine, cheapskate~)
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clannad after story 13 × full metal panic OVA
Posted by tai on Jan 11, 2009 under Anime, Clannad, Commentary

I can’t decide which scene is better: Nagisa’s drunk scene in Clannad After Story 13 or Teletha Testarossa’s sleepwalking scene in the Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid OVA.

[media id=2 width=288 height=236][media id=3 width=288 height=236]

They’re both so adorably cute and out-of-character (which only adds to the cuteness!) Nagisa has turned into a very intimate tsundere and Tessa is off in her dream world where all there is is Sagara, Sagara, and maybe some more Sagara. You gotta love the facial panic of the men, too.

If you want to download the above videos for whatever reason, here are the links:

  • [Download not found]
  • [Download not found]

Catching up on Clannad After Story 09—12
Posted by tai on Jan 10, 2009 under Anime, Clannad, Commentary, Observations

So it’s about time for me to catch up in my Clannad blogging, so here are some quick thoughts on the past four episodes. Just as a reminder, 09 was the graduation episode, 10 was the moving out episode, 11 was the work-related episode and 12 was the failed job transfer.

I think in Episode 09 was the first time we see Okazaki cry. Despite his poor academic performance he’s quite stable emotionally, so I was really quite surprised to see him cry because he graduated. That’s really awkward if you think about it that way, ne?
But, Tomoya and Nagisa’s characters have been changing a lot since they started dating, and everywhere we see hints of Tomoya finally maturing and taking responsibility for his own life. He doesn’t want to end up like his father, after all, so this character development is only natural.
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Posted by tai on Jan 10, 2009 under Administration

This is just another short administrative post. There’s a few things I’d like to tell my readers before I update my Clannad After Story coverage.

First of all and most importantly, I will be volunteer teaching in China for three months, starting next week. This means I will be farther from home and thus farther from anime. I do intend on continuing my Clannad coverage but unless I find mini-Akihabara in Shandong Province I won’t have as much animanga content to write about. Instead, I will be writing on my friend’s blog called Mincius which is a blog specifically targeted towards foreigners in Yantai City. I welcome all of you to read that if you are interested in Chinese culture, English education in foreign countries, or the tight developed-undeveloped mix you see only in China.

Secondly, TsundereStorm 1.0 is well under way. It is a very unusual, strangely geometric layout, I specifically designed it to look nothing like your average WordPress blog (as if this layout isn’t far enough.) There were three main reasons I decided to create a new layout:

  1. I’ve had multiple complaints that the reading window is too small. 1.0’s reading window will use the entire height of the screen (well, 95% if you want to get really technical) and slightly more width, while still being 1024×768 friendly.
  2. The sidebar is getting really cluttered, I never wanted there to be a scrollbar for the sidebar as well. You can see how I’m re-organizing my categories, I had to do that to preview them within the new layout. I guess I’ll finalize the work on my laptop after I arrive.
  3. My content was shadowing itself too easily. This administrative post completely shadows the Spirited Away Art Book post below, I really didn’t like that because the main page should put an emphasis on the more relevant content. My Clannad post is actually ready but I have to do this first to prevent this from shadowing that post. My new layout will have a magazine-style layout which kind of resembles those you see on OH! and Yukan, but has a much more personal touch to it.

Thirdly, I might be moving to my own domain soon. There’s nothing wrong with, they’ve actually been very generous and tolerant of my laziness. Rather, I’m wanting to open up another blog (personal) and website, and on two domains isn’t that much more expensive than one. Anyway, time to do the last proofread on Clannad as it will be up shortly.


Hardcover, 244 pages.

My second artbook review will be for Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. This book was a nice grab from, $25 shipping included (I added it to my friend’s order so she could get the free shipping quota). Compared to my Clannad Visual Fan Book it’s not as in-depth, but there are a lot of early development sketches, rough line art and unedited watercolour backgrounds which I was really looking forwards to, especially for a production from Mr. Hayao Miyazaki. There’s a certain beauty that is expressed through draft-quality hand-drawn watercolour paintings, I expect Ponyo on a Cliff is following through with that logic.Because this book is in English I can understand all of the captions, however there isn’t nearly as much text as the Clannad Visual Fan Book.

“Most people panic and collapse while shouting, “It can’t be true.” Those people will be erased or eaten up in the situation in which Chihiro finds herself. In fact, Chihiro’s being strong enough not to be eaten up is just what makes her a heroine. She is a heroine not because she is beautiful or because she possesses a unique mind. This is the key characteristic of this work.”

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