Clannad After Story Episode 05
shima katsuki = nanashi
Posted by tai on Nov 1, 2008 under Clannad, Observations, Predictions

Again, I will stress the fact that this is a no-spoiler post, and anything here that may seem like a spoiler is just a prediction. I have not read the manga or seen the movie or played the game so I can only hypothesize about what will happen.
That said, I think Shima Katsuki is the cat. Yes, is; something along the lines of the fox Makoto Sawatari from Kanon. Let me give you the evidence I procured.

"It's just that someone said a similar thing to me in the past."

"It's just that someone said a similar thing to me in the past."

1. voice acting
No, the cat doesn’t actually speak like Shamisen does. But at the scene at 11:17 where the Okazaki hears voices when looking at Nanashi, I assume that’s the cat’s thinking voice. Although there are some heavy post-processing effects on this sample, the pattens are very similar to Shima’s voice in the sequence directly after.

2. physical appearance
Nanashi: yellow-green eyes, light brown fur.
Shima: yellow-green eyes, light brown hair.

3. camera presence
Nanashi is making his way into a more scenes than otherwise necessary, for example when Misae is remembering the one who told her she yells because she worries.

As for the wish, if the above were true, it would probably be something the lines of “I wish I could always have you around despite the fact you have a chronic illness.”¹ (Otherwise why bother transforming into a cat and just stay human?) What I wonder now is why Misae became so attached to Shima, and also the significance of Tomoya both at when he heard those lines about the light and the charm (at 11:17) and a little earlier when Misae said she had to take care of them younglings. For an instance I thought this was related to Tomoya and his father (hair colour, avoiding some certain history, and having to visit her mother in the hospital) but I think it is too unlikely that she is Tomoya’s elder sister. Could those lights Nanashi mentioned possibly be the ones from the Afterworld? There is a resemblance in voice between the Junk Robot and Nanashi as well.

That’s all I can make out of this episode. I don’t really see how this fits into the big picture, but I guess the same could be said about the first episode of the Mei/Youhei arc. I can feel myself growing a little tired of the side characters though; hopefully we’ll get back to the main characters soon afterwards. I also don’t really like the supernatural elements in Clannad, since otherwise it is a completely down-to-earth story about the lives of a handful of high school students.

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