Clannad After Story Episode 04
youhei did no wrong; fingers pointed at tomoya okazaki
Posted by tai on Oct 28, 2008 under Clannad, Observations

Sorry Tomoya, but I am accusing you for all the preventable incidents occurring this and the previous episode. Mei, you’re partly to blame, too. As for Youhei, doesn’t it just suck to be everyone’s punching bag, especially at times like this? Thank goodness everything turned out okay and that Mei is finally back home and going to school. If you ask me, the insecure Mei and overconfident Tomoya have changed, not Youhei as one may initially think. In fact, I believe that Youhei’s character has not been changed at all by the events of this arc.

Dear Mei,
A brother is still a brother, and especially if you distract him with something like a relationship-in-pretence he will spend all of his time and energy with that. We know about Youhei’s luck with girls, so being able to go out with someone, even if not for real, is a big deal to him. A sister who is worried about him is probably the least of his worries; not because he doesn’t care about you but because he finds no urgency to your worries. Rather, he’d much rather tend to Sanae, who’s the first female to openly accept him and is a source of motivation for him, which in the long run would resolve your concerns. Your brother is a very kind person at heart, he may lose sight of it at times but if there’s a situation where someone absolutely needs him to help he will come immediately. Just because your brother doesn’t love you the way you want him to doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you with all his heart.

Never underestimate how much your friends trust you.

Never underestimate how much your friends trust you.

Dear Tomoya,
I must stress that you cannot rely on deception as a method of communication. It may be alright to do this just for fun, but this isn’t the approach you should take when dealing with family issues. If you had just brought both Youhei and Mei to me I’m sure we could have settled this quickly and promptly. You put Mei in a lot of danger by involving her with the school affairs, and it’s not like you didn’t know what kind of attitudes they have. Somewhere along the way you forgot that you are a better friend to Youhei than to Mei, underestimating what he thinks of you and only looking at things in the shoes of Mei. Of all people to provoke Youhei you would be the last he would respond to. Youhei had absolute faith in you, whether it was in taking care of Mei as her boyfriend or something else. You thought he was heartless but he was worrying the whole time; you thought he wasn’t paying attention but he was silently watching the two of you the whole time, to make sure you lived up to his expectations of his best friend. You should try to learn more from your girlfriend, you have taught her many things over the last year but you seem to be unwilling to listen to all her concerns about you. As her boyfriend you should be taking into serious consideration her opinion of you, in a relationship it is not enough for only one to be changing and the other to be making the changes.

Yukine Miyazawa.

Would Youhei really want to play soccer with those people?

Would Youhei really want to play soccer with those people?

Why Yukine? Of all the characters in the show, Yukine seems to be the one who is most capable of looking at social situations from a very broad point of view, being able to understand all parts of the situation simultaneously and objectively. Aside from her, Ryou Fujibayashi is the only other in the main cast that also excels at this, but her naïve nature would bias her opinions and suggestions (Maybe Sanae too, but we don’t know enough about her to say for sure). After even a short consultation Yukine was able to understand Youhei’s reasoning for leaving the soccer club, and his reservations against joining them again. She did address this, but Mei and Okazaki were both too stubbornly single-minded to pick up on her hint.

That aside, the supporting characters in Clannad just keep getting stronger and stronger; the curiosity around Yukine and her brother (I’ll assume that the guy that she was harbouring in episode 02) is building, but at the same time I really wish KyoAni would slow down with the character introductions and focus solely on Tomoya’s past and/or his relationship with Nagisa. At this point we don’t know how strong Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship is, and the matter between Tomoya and his father is still unsettled. It’s strange how both of those are unaddressed since if Tomoya was still staying at the Furukawa’s the relationship should be more intimate; else he would be staying back at home meaning he settled the matters with his father.

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    apologies for the lateness, I’ve been busy with work the past few days and just got to watch this episode earlier today. Hopefully I can make this up by introducing my third weekly, I’m actually planning for TsundereStorm to have four weeklies and a couple of monthly specials at full capacity, which is hopefully by the end of the year.

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