Autumn 2008 Programme
a list of upcoming anime-diet candidates
Posted by tai on Oct 3, 2008 under Overview

Well, I don’t have the diligence to constantly churn out posts like the previous one on a regular basis, so don’t expect a constant stream of such posts. Instead, it’s much easier to create a steady schedule of consistent subjects. So, in alphabetical order, here is my anime blog-cliché autumn 2008 overview and initial comments. List obtained from the whosubswhat wiki. Anything unmentioned either did not strike my interests at all or it is something I totally missed, hopefully the former.

Akane-Iro Ni Somaru Saka

Prevalent genre: harem
I don’t think this will interest me, but it reminded me of wind –a breath of heart–, which I have not yet watched. I will check out the first episode. Or I will just watch wind instead.

Clannad After Story

Prevalent genre: romance
I loved the first series, and I expect the same for this. Expect per-episode posts for this show; I will look at the smaller, easily overlooked details and individual character instead of the story as a whole.


Prevalent genre: thriller/murder mystery
Ever since watching Ghost in the Shell, I’ve been more and more interested in psychology especially from a criminal/detective standpoint. Hopefully this series will be something along those lines, I’ll check out the first few episodes for it.

Ef – A Tale of Melodies

Prevalent genre: romance
I’ve heard good things about the first series, but I haven’t actually watched it. If this series ends up well that’ll give me more reason to watch its prequel. Somehow I don’t feel comfortable watching a show before watching all the prequels.


Prevalent genre: daily life
Lucky Star wannabe? The enjoyment I found in Lucky Star is quite hard to explain, I usually tell people it’s a dull show in a very good way. If it sounds like this show is along those lines I’ll check it out.


Prevalent genre: no idea
From the description it sounded a bit like Juuni Kokuki, if I read or hear good things about this show I’ll look into it.

Lucky Star OVA

Prevalent genre: comedy
Judging by its cover it feels like it’ll lean towards a comedy as opposed to the slice-of-life emphasis of the series. No tsunderecon could possibly resist this release.

Mouryou No Hako

Prevalent genre: murder mystery
Another murder mystery series, again by Madhouse. I’ll be taking a peek at the first few episodes.

Nodame Cantabile: Paris-Hen

Prevalent genre: josei
A definite watch. As I have background in music performance, I will provide musical commentary on an occasional basis, probably three times through it’s 11-episode run. Somehow I feel that this arc will lean towards a more typical drama, however, as opposed to whatever the first season was.

Shikabane Hime: Aka

Prevalent genre: thriller
I don’t normally do well with supernatural stuff like this, but the cover art piqued my interest. I will check out the first few episodes.

Yozakura Quartet

Prevalent genre: slice-of-life?
The description sounds like another slice-of-life along the lines of Mushishi and Natsume Yuujinchou. With Yuujinchou just ending this show seems like a good way to continue feeding my slice-of-life appetite.

This is the end of my autumn 2008 anime candidates. Clannad + LS OVA + Nodame, this season is going to be so win!!!!!1!

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