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youhei did no wrong; fingers pointed at tomoya okazaki
Posted by tai on Oct 28, 2008 under Clannad, Observations

Sorry Tomoya, but I am accusing you for all the preventable incidents occurring this and the previous episode. Mei, you’re partly to blame, too. As for Youhei, doesn’t it just suck to be everyone’s punching bag, especially at times like this? Thank goodness everything turned out okay and that Mei is finally back home and going to school. If you ask me, the insecure Mei and overconfident Tomoya have changed, not Youhei as one may initially think. In fact, I believe that Youhei’s character has not been changed at all by the events of this arc.
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a little bit of literacy research
Posted by tai on Oct 23, 2008 under Mouryou no Hako, Research

I have decided to pick up Mouryou no Hako, the plot seems intricate and deep, and the art is simply outstanding: many thanks to CLAMP for their character design. For those who have not watched the show, Mouryou no Hako (Box of Evil Spirits/Box of Goblins) is a murder mystery with Buddhist themes presented in a romanticist manner. There is great contrast within the artwork, the colour palette varies from bright and lush to flat and dry to cold and pale depending on the scene. Like romanticist material, Mouryou no Hako uses art and intellectual dialogue to drive the narration, as opposed to being plot-driven. That isn’t to say that Mouryou no Hako is plot-less, but the development of this show is much less like your typical anime and much more like experimental or avant-garde productions. I found this plot review on Random Curiosity quite good if you are interested.

A show with this depth to it doesn’t come from nothing. Especially being a novel adaptation, there are a lot of references to external literary works which serve as a template of themes and ideas to mold the show towards. I’m no historian or poet or cultural anthropologist so there’s no way for me to verify this information, but I would still like to share what I have gathered as ancient Japanese literacy seems to have been quite important in guiding this show.
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unwrapping the history of the Sunohara siblings
Posted by tai on Oct 19, 2008 under Clannad, Observations

First off, another quick reminder that all of my blogs relating to Clannad After Story are non-spoiling, meaning that I have not watched the movie, read the manga or played the visual novel. Obviously, I will be talking about the episode at hand, but rest assured that only facts exposed in the original series and the After Story series up to the current episode will be mentioned.

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setting the stage... with filler
Posted by tai on Oct 17, 2008 under Clannad, Observations

I’ll say honestly that this After Story episode is quite a turnaround from the usual Clannad atmosphere. Aside from the introduction, this episode seems to be a lacklustre compared to the first episode with respect to references. The only thing that really drew interest from me was the Otherworld: It’s becoming more and more prominent, being shown for two minutes, compared to the usual 30-60 seconds. The appearance of the sheep I find unusual, since I believed it to be a world “where everything has ended” and that girl is the only one there. However, the sheep seem to know where they are heading, leading me to think that it is not a world which has completely ended. However, the exact purpose and existence of the Otherworld is one of the biggest mysteries of the series, and I have a feeling that Key/KyoAni will not explain it for us and leave us to make sense of it ourselves.

Another mystery character has been revealed at 13:15, the name is not mentioned but it is clear that he has some sort of close relationship to Yukine, as well as at least one additional person since he referred to Yukine as “Our Yuki-nee”. No details are given, other than the fact that the unknown character is hiding from a perpetrator or something of the sort. In the ending sequence he is the one seen after Sanae and Akio. (#4 according to the list in my previous Clannad After Story post.)

Hopefully they’re using this shallow comedy to set up for something big, but Kyoto Animation usually manages to do this without straying from the primary plot. I have to remember that Sunohara’s arc continues onward after this; I hope that this will not end up awkward like Fuuko’s (even though I predict that Fuuko’s arc will all make sense by the end of this series). It’s not a problem with Key/KyoAni focusing on a secondary character, however in that process I expect something to be revealed that can be relatable to the plot or the primary characters.

This is all for Episode 2. I wasn’t happy with it; I hope the upcoming episodes will be back up to and exceeding par like After Story 01 did.

forgotten characters, interesting observations, and reasoned foresights
Posted by tai on Oct 6, 2008 under Clannad, Observations, Predictions

First off, I would like to put it out that I have not played the Clannad game (visual novel), so this post and all future After Story posts will not spoil anything past the episode in question. If you kept your first series episodes you may want to have them handy as I will make a few specific references to those episodes.

After watching the first episode of Clannad After Story I found myself wondering who a lot of the characters were. Naturally, I have a bad memory, and only recall the faces of some characters from some part of the first series. I skimmed through the first series to re-familiarize myself with these characters that have Fuko’d from my mind. Hopefully they’re here to stay, instead of running off after an un-surprising fail.

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